Partnership for Literary Success


Partnerships for Literacy Success (PLS) seeks to expand opportunities available to the English Language Learners in the Fort Collins community. PLS involves partnering with community-based learning centers.

The CLC has partnered with the Education and Life Training Center (ELTC), assisting with ESL and GED classes and facilitating the Linden Street Writing Workshop. Weekly writing workshops involved both the creation of original work and reading and critical discussion of published writing. Participants were encouraged to explore their own lives and family histories, be they personal stories, cultural heritage and oral traditions.

Previously, the CLC partnered with CSU’s Community Organizing to Reach Empowerment (CORE), a community-based, family oriented learning center which provides opportunities for individuals to build on their strengths and develop their capacity for addressing perennial urban problems. The partnership enhanced CORE’s services, such as providing English language learners with an increased number of on-site courses, individualized tutoring, access to relevant literacy materials, training and resources for professional development and the opportunity to be heard by a broader audience through publishing.