Accidental Vestments

Accidental Vestments is a collaborative arts organization dedicated to fostering dialogue across disciplinary boundaries, fomenting collaborative art projects, and generating interest in the arts as a “resistant practice.” Participants engage in dialogue surrounding their particular medium and discuss aesthetics, common language, and art advocacy. The group originated from a desire to break down the boundaries of “specialization” that so beset the world today, whether in the arts of elsewhere. In a politically perilous time, art should apply itself to the world at its largest possible conversation. Accidental Vestments hopes to raise consciousness while we make art.

Co-housed between the Creative Writing Program and the Department of Art, Accidental Vestments involves members from both the CSU and Fort Collins community. There are no restrictions on participation, no set agenda, and no hierarchy. While the initial conversation has been between Writing and Art, we actively seek to involve other languages and communities, from Dance and Music, to the sciences.

Contact Dr. Matthew Cooperman for more information