LitProPo-Literacy Through Prose and Poetry

Initiated by Colorado Poet Laureate Mary Crow, Literacy Through Poetry gives CSU graduate students and elementary students an opportunity to communicate and learn together through poetry. “Apprentice poets” learn through seminars then use those skills to facilitate poetry writing and reading amongst elementary students to enhance literacy.

The project aims to extend the uses of poetry by harnessing student enjoyment of poetry as a means to improving the level of literacy in Fort Collins elementary schools. Literacy Through Poetry seeks to employ children’s love for poetry and word play to help them become not only better readers, but also poets in their own right.

Literacy Through Poetry invites a “master poet” to facilitate workshops and give readings for the apprentice poets. After their training, the graduate students work with a teacher in the Fort Collins area to teach eight one-hour poetry sessions culminated by a publication and a reading. Literacy Through Poetry provides an opportunity for children to explore poetry and will hopefully inspire them to continue reading and writing poetry throughout their lifetime.

Contact Dr. Matthew Cooperman for more information.