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Our Mission

To create alternative literacy opportunities that work to educate and empower underserved populations. The Center supports university literacy research and outreach that promotes community action and social change.

The Community Literacy Center and SpeakOut Writing Workshops team stand in solidarity with peoples experiencing current and historical oppression, particularly those suffering racial inequity and violence. We remain committed to creating space for the writing and circulating of stories that enrich our collective understanding of justice, joy, and change in the world.


Poem from Spring 2020 SpeakOut! journal, from a writer in Larimer County Jail:

Advice For Kids

by Profeser

Please be yourself, be kind, be bold

Play Forever, don’t grow old

Pave a path that’s just for you

Try not to lie, just be true

Don’t be afraid of the unknown

Show the world how you have grown

Never regret a single day

Use positive talk, come what may

Seek adventure big or small

Don’t be scared to try then fall

Be daring be brave find true love

Know your angels guide from above

Don’t forget family, they love you so

Be the greatest you, wherever you go

Aim for the stars, outer space

Please leave this world a better place.

Youth group facilitators after publication of SpeakOut! Spring 2017

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